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Petabytes is an organisation based around its individuals and their experience in the field. That experience spans many disciplines and many industry verticals. This experience spans fields such as global financial institutions, large government and public sector organisations, automotive industry leaders and complex and demanding acedemic applications and projects.

Engage Us! In each of these scenarios our consultants have been able to aid customers in gaining control over their data and get business use out of it as opposed to just cope with it. It gave them business leverage and insight without the headaches. Why not take advantage of Petabytes skills and experience today

Calm Lake

Data Life Support


In the course of our work Petabytes often produces tools and software in-house in order to simplify a complex task or manage inventory and data regarding infrastructure. Many of these tools are able to be downloaded from our repository, however some will require a payment of a small fee.

Support for these tools is also available at a small cost.


Petabytes is primarily a service organisaton and as such we have a wide range of skills and experience on offer. Visit our services section to get more information on how to engage Petabytes on your project.


Incoming Data

New Brand Launch!


The new look Petabytes is born. As part of our incorperation as a limited company we have now had an organisation wide face-lift. This goes beyond just a new website look and into our whole corporate identity and vision.


Petabytes gets Limited!


Its official, Petabytes has now become a limited company in order to better serve our end users and customers.